Women love big dicks

Where in this earth does a woman need a micro penile dick from his guy? Actually, women love big dicks in this world an i assure you that you will be totally disappointed if you carry your micro dick to a lady who needs it big. You will heard some long silence from the woman, not for sexual excitement but just lack of sexual fantasy and strong stimulation from your small penile tissue inside her hot unfitted pussy. If you carry on a big dick to a woman who love big dick you will heard, ‘ what the fuck? where will you bury that one? But at the back of her mind she is crazily wanting it into her. You may be wondering why women love big dicks but you do not have to worry because every lady has her own reasons which are more common in all the ladies.
Women love big dicks because of several reasons why they really like it big. Having a small penis ends a woman lacking both sexually and visual stimulation from a man. This is the reason why they go for a big goodies, even if the big dicks bring a lot of discomfort when in the act or when it goes too dry. Strong stimulation by the large dicks brings touches all the sensitive parts in a woman genitals ending her in a faster orgasmic end thus sexual excitement and satisfaction as compared to a small dick which reach nowhere inside a woman.

Big dicks brings about self confidence to the man and that is why women love big dicks in men’s boxers. Having a big dick always boosts your sexual act confidence and women like it because their men will have it right and better when their self esteem is built which ends giving them a good pleasure to the women. A man’s ego drops always when he realizes the woman knows his dick is small and he has nothing good to offer the lady. This therefore makes women to avoid small dicks and go for bigger ones.

Women love big dicks because of the issue of satisfaction. Am pretty sure that you will never find a woman who will crave for more if in the first date you did not give her to her best. Some women say that a big dick stimulates visually but it sometimes hurts when in their tight vagina but that is for some women, because most women get it right with big dicks. The secret of preferring a big dick by a women depends on the body shape of the women therefore those women who complain about big dicks does not have preferred body shape to accommodate the large dick. However, i can say from my own experience that is an issue because it may hurt.


What you should know why women love big dicks is that in most cases, most importantly big dicks do not guarantee a bad sex in bed but a good sex if you really like a big dick and instead a small penis can guarantee a bad sex if a woman likes a big dick.

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