What men want in bed

Men love to have sex with sexy girls who are romantic and know how to get laid. Why should you sleep alone in cold night when there is a lady who can warm up your bed? There is no benefit of living in denial or single life when there are sexy ladies who want to have sex with you. Long gone are the days when men were the epicenter of sex. Today, ladies have learned a lot when it comes to bed matters because they are so good in it up to a point of making you think that you are the one who is being fucked up. When you get a lady there are many things which can help you conclude if she is experienced or not.
What men want in bed is something every lady should be aware of lest the man they sleep with may never need their service if they underperform. Sex is not about the missionary style alone because are already used to that and they want something new. Real men want a man who can blowjob them up to a point of them ejaculating. You should not just rub his dick with your hands alone but with the wet tongue. Imagine that time you feel through your mouth that the man is about to release his sperms. When he ejaculates on you, don’t spit the sperms like you never wished to have him releasing on you. A man will feel great when you are able to spray the sperm on your boobs. When you do that he will be happy and will go ahead and do the same with your clitoris. Allow him to lick it until you squirt and this will make both of you sexually satisfied.

Men would love to have anal sex and if you deny them they will chase you away and look for that girl who is able to do the same. Anal sex is fun and you shouldn’t be afraid of having someone ready to fuck you there. The great thing is that no matter if the man ejaculates on your anus or not, you are pretty certain of not getting pregnant. If the man wants to use sex toys on you, you should not deny him. It will be a great idea if you accept to go sex shops with the lady. Assist him in choosing the best machines which he can use on you.


Have you ever been fucked on your boobs? Men love girls who can allow them to roll their dicks on their lady’s cleavage. This sex idea is great because you can also get wet almost instantly when your boobs are played on by a man with large dick. When having sex with your man, you should never forget to ensure that there is lube for rubbing upon your skins. Sex can be great when each one of your is wet both internally and externally. Your vagina should be wet and the sin to for the man will enjoy both of this.

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