One Lonely Night…

Really, I am not one to indulge in self-contemplation over my own body as it is not what I like the most about myself but I happen to like some parts of it from time to time. I was watching TV tonight sitting on the couch; I mean there was nothing on that would remotely make me feel amorous the least bit.

So I was watching TV by myself when for some obscure reason, I find my left hand playing with my necklace. Nothing extraordinary, you will say, but that necklace goes low on my chest, I often find the charms on it stuck between my breasts. I must have been playing with it on and off for almost half an hour, mostly unaware of what I was doing since I was still watching TV.

deaming-of-sexThen all of a sudden, I realize I am looking at my plump breasts, standing apart form each other and firmly tucked in my lacy black bra. Framed in my diving cleavage, I like what I see! I really do! I find this is the most erotic sight I have seen in a long time. I now can’t help caressing them. I run my fingers slowly and tenderly between them, feeling my their fullness and enjoying their softness. I am just enjoying the touch, thought-free and carefree.

It takes me a minute to realize that I don’t see my hand touching me… I visualize his hand, his strong yet gentle fingers and that I feel their brushing, their warmth, their affection for me. If something tells a woman how a man feels about her, it is by the way he touches her.

I am enjoying myself and I am not stopping there. There is no way I am going to waste such a nice feeling with being limited to a square foot of skin!

I decide to close my eyes and lay down.

I let my hand slowly draw a path from my breast to my belly, still enjoying the touch, and I go down on my jeans. I am fully clothed but I don’t want to break contact, I really like how my touch feels. So I decide to finger myself over my clothes.

Even through the thickness of the jeans, I feel how my hot spot is and I feel “him” touching me. He is applying some pressure just so he can feel my labia, he wants to guess if I am wet, he wants to imagine how hot my pleasure spot is, he wants to long for it a little while longer. I want him to touch me, I want to feel his fingers on me.

I know I am wet… and I know I long for his touch. I don’t want to come… I just want a nice and enjoyable moment, just some well-being, just some sweet love.

sex-dreamI unzip my jeans and slide my hand down my panties. I stop to slowly brush my thin pubic hair landing strip with my fingers a few times. There is so much heat in there it is unbelievable! I keep caressing myself and it feels good. His hand feels good. He is adventurous and pushes his hand downward, now cupping my snatch, his fingertips ready to finger me but not pushing their way in. He slowly slides his open hand up and down on the out side of my pussy while making sure that whichever part of his hand passes above my clit is applying a little bit more pressure than the rest of his hand. He knows I notice every single change in his moves, in his touch, and I imagine the satisfied grin on his face as I know what he is thinking and he knows I know. He knows what turns me on!

I raise my knees and open my legs, I want him to finger me for real… I want to feel his gentle fingers in my burning muff. I want him badly. Our fingers find no resistance whatsoever and quickly slide in my parted lips. My pussy is on fire! Slowly we finger me, not rushing for anything but fully experiencing all there is to feel … be it emotionally, physically, and sexually. This is one of the most exquisite masturbation moments I ever had… and I did not come, I did not need to… I just wanted to feel…. I fell asleep.

My hand was still down my panties when I woke up.. Who knows what happened while I slept!

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