Can escorts blacklist men?

When you rattle a snake you should expect to be bitten back and the same case applies when it comes to adult entertainment. Some rogue people assume that those beauties in clubs have nothing else to do or they are desperate. If you are the one then you should start chasing yourself out of these clubs because these women are great people who are out there to arouse great deal of men. Escorts for example are ready to offer their companionship to men who want sexy people around them. They could act as secretaries to their clients when they are in business meeting because they too are professionals. If you want someone to offer you a lap dance as you enjoy drinks together, they can play that part amazingly.

Now that these sexy ladies who are escorts to everyone as long as they are paid can they get harassed and then the client walks scot free? This is something disrespectful men do ask themselves before they book escorts because their intentions may not be acceptable. They may want to hire an escort, force her to his hotel then maybe rape her and leave her for the dead. The other scenario is where a man forces an escort to do something which she doesn’t want. The last but not the least behavior some rude men do to these exciting women is failing to pay them their dues. Escorts are paid professionals and most cases in hourly rate and men should abide by that if they need their service.

men-pick-up-prostituteAs mentioned briefly, such men may think that they will walk scot free but that may never be the case at all. The girl may choose to contact a police but that’s not the only channel to use because there is a profound escort safety tool which they all use. One of the best escort safety tools which they use to warn other girls is by use of websites which blacklist these men. For example, if a particular man harms an escort, she can be highlighted in major websites like National Blacklist and this will be known to others. When an escort is able to find about him, she will no longer be able to meet with such an oblivious man. Escort agencies will also play an important role of keeping those men at bay. They will no longer be able to meet beautiful girls hence no more harming.

Yes they can be blacklisted and put on sites where others won’t allow them anymore. For example, if I am an escort and you molest me, I will say that on these websites and you should take note that most of them access it hence your chances of getting a new catch will be futile. There is no way you can be an agent of bad things and fail to be caught up. Escorts are human too and if you wrong them, expect the reward. You may end up in jail especially when you are fond of harassing them hence you need to stay away from escort brutality.

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