7 ways guys can get better at sex

Sex is a practice which takes sometimes before one can assume to be a professional in it. Having that said every man even those who haven’t engaged in it can try some tips and tricks which will make them the best in bed. Men who under-perform during bed sessions can easily fo4rce their partners to look for alternatives. There comes a time when a man discovers that his wife is grooving with another man and the he becomes the one to start the fight. You could be the problem but that should kill your heart because there are several proven ways which can make you the “king” in bed. You will shoot to a point whereby if your partner leaks your prowess to her friends; they will want to cohabit with you. Impossible is possible and for those men who under-perform in sex, the following 7 way will make them get better at sex.

1. Live and Die with Boobs

There are some men whose intention is to just touch a lady’s tit so that she can give into her pussy. This is not the right approach because ladies love their body and it will not be wise to ignore some areas or caress them for a few times. A real man is that who act like a baby who sticks to the boobs. You should touch each, lick it, put your dick at the cleavage and even cum on them.

2. Let her be the Controller

tobeawoman3Most men think that because they are masculine there work will be to fuck the lady while they relax and cry high. You need to let them take charge like allowing her to control your dick.

3. Change of Sex Style

Don’t be a man who is fond of just one sex style like where one is up and another is below. There are a lot of sex styles and doggy one should not be forgotten. All art of her vagina must be aroused and this is possible when different styles are used.

4. Dirty Talk like in Porn

Have you listen to conversations that take place when porn is taking place. They are real and that’s what makes others watch for the purpose of practicing. Say anything to her that is romantic as long as it doesn’t hurt.

5. Get to the G-Spot

pleasureA man who doesn’t make a lady wet by making to her g-spot is not real and need to be enrolled to a sex school or online tutorial. There are many ways of getting to this point even when your dick is short because you can use your fingers and lips too.

6. Try Her Anus

Ladies fear asking their men to fuck their asses because they think they will be angry with them. That’s not the case and the good news is that men can comfortably fuck the anus using sex toys if they are not comfortable doing it with their dicks.

7. Lick Her Pussy

The last but not the least is to constantly have a taste of their sour pussy which directly arouse them when your slippery tongue gets in there.

Talk About Sex with Your Partner

In the following video you’ll get 7 ways to talk about sex with your partner – enjoy watching!

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