5 of The Hottest Female Erogenous Zones

image (3)As you may already know, the whole of the female body can be one big, heavenly erogenous zone. We ladies, are receptive to all kinds of touches, caresses and kisses and some pretty unusual parts of our bodies can bring us to the point of orgasm.

All women will, of course, have different ‘favorite’ parts of their bodies. However, there are some common hot spots, that will appeal to the vast majority of women.
For any men reading, pay attention, things are about to get interesting! I am going to skip the most obvious erogenous zones; the vulva, clitoris and breasts, because, chances are, you already know about them.

5. Clavicle

The collar bone is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, because there’s very little, if any, fat in this area. Generally speaking, we women love to have our necks kissed and combining a little affection in the clavicle area can be an incredibly arousing mix.

4. Ears

This is another fairly well-worn erogenous zone. Most men know that women like to have their ears kissed, licked and/or sucked. However, it is important to get the technique just right. Too slobbery is not attractive. So, my advice to men is to avoid licking a woman’s ear like a hyperactive Chihuahua. Instead, try kissing the outside of her ear and perhaps nipping lightly at her lobe.

3. Inside of the Wrist

The wrist is a fairly unsexual part of the body, right? Wrong! Many women love to have their hands and wrists, stroked, caressed and kissed before, during or after sex. Remember, this is a part of the body that can be safely stimulated in public, too. And there is often nothing sexier than an ostensibly non-sexual display of affection that is, in actual fact, incredibly intimate and highly arousing.

2. Lips

13850428200-cr-180x110Yes, one of the most highly erogenous parts of the female body is her lips. It’s not for nothing that we love to kiss during foreplay and sex. A great kiss is sometimes all it takes to get a woman ready for sex. The problem is that not all kisses are as good as we hope they’ll be. As with the ears, it’s best to avoid slobbering. Cake and kisses can be ruined by being too moist! It’s also a great idea to take things slowly guys, don’t just plough ahead, shoving your tongue straight down your lover’s throat, there’s nothing sexy about that. Instead, slowly tease her with your tongue, trace her lips and slowly explore the inside of her mouth.

1. Brain

It’s true, a woman’s arousal really is all in her head. Many men consider an ability to bring a woman to climax as a mark of masculinity and virility. Well, how macho is the man who can bring his lover to climax without even touching her? It is possible to do. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to bring us girls to the point where we’re begging for you. Just talk to us (about sexy things, of course).
For any man reading, I highly recommend that you treat every single inch of your lover’s body as erogenous, because it most certainly can be. You’re sure to find hot spots that she didn’t even know she had!

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